Online Video Advertising

Video advertising enables advertisers to connect their message to a massive, engaged audience. Online video ads outperform other types of online ads.

They also increase brand awareness, brand favorability, and purchasing intent.

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Massive, engaged audience

Do you want your ad to reach the maximum number of audience then you got to be in the mobile world ! And here’s your gateway “Adworxs Mobile Adserver”.

We have designed this mobile adnetwork features with adworxs Edition.

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Supports IAB standards

Adworxs is to implement a comprehensive set of IAB guidelines, measurement, and creative options for interactive video advertising.

User-Friendly Ad Formats and Complete Interoperability to Minimize the Complexity of Executing Video Advertising Campaigns

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Real-Time Statistics

Hyperlinked content, Multiple Data Points and Intuitive. They also increase brand awareness, brand favorability, and purchasing intent

They also increase brand awareness, brand favorability, and purchasing intent.

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Visualization features helps to reach global instantly.

  • Simple
  • Flexible
  • Easy to use

We offer you to completely customized every piece of our earnEngine that suits your business needs.

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Supports user self-management.

Administrator can access to their own video advertising software, it's time to make it their own by visiting "Site Settings" under your "Settings" tab. Tracking options, Targeting, Fraud detection, Messaging, and even import data from a previous advertising system.

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earnEngine deliver highly-engaging, interactive video ad experiences across screens reaching audiences wherever they are watching video

Take your video ads to the next level with creative layers that encourage active viewer participation and increased engagement.

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  • Granular, real-time reporting and analytics.
  • Video in-views and engagement reporting
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Few things you need to know

"earnEngine Adserver Package” is designed to provide a gateway for all the Media companies to run an Online advertising business with an independent AdNetwork.

Cross platform support is one of the core features of this package as it helps you to manage Display, Mobile and Video Ads through a single ad server. To be precise the ads are delivered in websites, mobile devices – both on websites & applications (iOS & Android devices) and Videos. It supports both linear and non linear video ads & it is delivered using JW player.

earnEngine features:

  • Managing Advertiser, Publisher
  • Multi-Lingual Support
  • Ad Formats(Web, Mobile, Video)
  • Template Library Support
  • Storage Videos into Amazon AWS
  • Approval Systems
  • Real-Time Tracking Engine
  • Great compatibility.
  • Sophisticated Targeting Capabilities
  • Protection against impression fraud
  • Easy Commission Payouts
  • And much more coming soon!
Video advertising is one of the fastest-growing opportunities online today, as well as one of the most promising online advertising formats. The emotional draw of the television experience, consumers’ adoption of broadband, and subsequent change in Internet content, capabilities, and consumption all contribute to driving this growth.